Why tBC ?

Reasons for the billion coin it is a first Abundance currency that cannot be manipulated by any monitoring body, elite system or Authorities. Unlike the current money that is controlled by the above. Our Mission is destined to end poverty globally.

Cookie Rewards had proven to be another bonus in our incentives.



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For those with limited TBC coins and Kringles, its always advisable for you to partner with and early stakeholder (those who purchased the coin in 2016). Reason being, in no time. We will having merchants from all over the world. One of the advantages of these merchants is that, they will be trading in TBC coins.

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Another advantage of partnering with me is that while your TBC coins/Kringles are growing daily, you still gain 50% commision from our partnership

I'm a TBC Trillionaire, Trusted Seller - with plenty to supply you with!

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NOTE: Though your TBC will be sent to you right away, it may take 24 hours (even longer recently) to actually see it in your wallet.  This is due to the huge demand for TBC causing a back-log of transactions.  If you don’t see your TBC in your wallet after a few days has passed please contact me again so I can check the status of your transaction.  For more information visit the TBC blog page.

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Mr. Lawrance Maluleke

South African TBC Leader, Trainer and More.

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To Prevent poverty globally and share wealth.






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For Referrals.

Direct your referrals to tbcmultinaire.co.za to purchase TBC and BE SURE they reference your name and email address when filling in the "TBC purchase Form".



Submit the "Commission Request Form" after your referral has made their TBC purchase to receive your 50% commission.













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contact information

  • Email: tbcmultinaire@gmail.com
  • WhatsApp: +27 81 411 4821
  • Phone - Landline: +27 74 573 7609
  • Youtube Channel: TBC multinaire


As with ALL financial decisions, buying TBC coins carries a RISK! Individual results vary widely from person to person within the TBC community, and no guarantees of “Real” financial gains are offered. Buy TBC coins at your own risk! That’s the short version of our DISCLAIMER. To read the entire disclaimer, click on the DISCLAIMER button below--It is advised that before you become a Member of TBC or Open a TBC Wallet that you not only read the entire DISCLAIMER—YOU STUDY IT!

TBC is not a Market based coin—TBC does NOT have a Sell or Withdrawal button to click and easily Sell TBC/Kringle coins. If you only want to deal with Market based crypto-currencies, then leave this website and go to https://coinmarketcap.com/ and you will NOT find TBC there! Good Luck Trading.

TBC is a PEER to PEER Private Crypto-Currency. Your efforts to expand our TBC community give you the opportunity to Sell TBC and to purchase goods and services using TBC/Kringle coins. If you have any doubt in your own ability to promote TBC, but you still want to participate we strongly suggest you start your TBC experience by partnering up with a Trusted Seller of TBC and try to market TBC using their TBC/Kringle coins in order to begin with zero to little financial RISK to yourself. Get back together with the TBC Member that invited you or conduct your search for a Trusted Seller by going here: https://thebillioncoin.info/tbc_testimonials.php

Discounting TBC/Kringle coins is strictly prohibited! All Buying and Selling of TBC/Kringle coins as well as exchanges for Goods and Services must be done at the Current Price only. All large transactions will be investigated by a member of the Admin team. Discounting TBC or even the attempt to Discount TBC will result in the SUSPENSION OF YOUR TBC WALLET. We cannot enjoy the benefits of an “Abundance-based” currency and allow Discounting by any TBC member. The two things conflict with each other, so get educated about that.

TBC Members are not allowed to be negative about TBC in Public, such as making a negative Facebook post or comment on any social media. This is also a form of Discounting the TBC currency. When a Member is caught doing such things other Members will report it as ABUSE to Admin and your Send button will be turned OFF for a period of time. We are creating wealth at hyper speeds for all of our Members, and we will not allow ABUSE. If you don’t like our policies and terms of conditions for our PRIVATE currency—aka OUR RULES—then please DON’T JOIN US!!!!!

Buyers getting TBC coins at a discount will be suspended too!